Thursday, 11 April 2013

Simple Fluorescent Light Wiring Diagram Tube Light Circuit

The wiring process of fluorescent tube lamp/light with Ballast,Starter is quite easy and simple. In most cases when we buy a fluorescent light it comes in a complete set with all wire connected. If you want do it yourself , you can buy all the parts individually. And you can complete all connection of the fluorescent light/lamp with the help of this wiring circuit diagram.

Main parts of Fluorescent Tube Light:

     1.Fluorescent Tube
     4.Holder, wire etc.

How Fluorescent Lights works:

The starter is like a key of fluorescent light because it is used to light up the tube. When we connect the AC supply voltage to the circuit, then the starter act like short circuited and current flow through those filament (located at the first and second end of the tube light) and the filament generate heat and it ionized the gas (mercury vapor) in the fluorescent tube lamp. So the gas becomes electrically conductive medium. At the same time when the starter opened the circuit path of two filaments from series connected, then the ballast release its stored voltage. And it makes the fluorescent tube fully lighten. Now the starter has no job in the circuit, if you open it from the circuit the fluorescent tube light will be still lighten, until you release the main supply.

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